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Simon & Halbig Makers Mark

Simon & Halbig Makers Mark

Simon & Halbig

Simon & Halbig existed between 1869 and 1939 in Germany. Possibly later.

The tinted and untinted bisque shoulder heads with molded hair and delicate decoration are typical of the prodigious output of fine quality dolls produced by this manufacturer. Kid-bodied shoulder heads originally made in the 1880's followed closely in the French tradition, with large often paperweight eyes, pierced ears and heavy brows.

Mouths can be open or closed. Simon & Halbig registered several new ideas including those operated by a lever, movable eyelids, the use of thread for eyelashes and glazing the neck of a socket head doll to reduce friction between the neck and the body socket.

Simon & Halbig made dolls heads for many other companies including C M Bergmann, Carl Berger, Kammer & Reinhardt, and SFBJ



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