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Lenci was founded by Elena Konig Scavini in Italy in 1918 and is still in business today. Elena was left alone while her husband, Enrico, went off to war in 1918. During this time, Elena and her brother Bubine Konig made the first felt doll in the Scavini's apartment. Bubine steam-pressed the faces and Elena did the artistic work. Lenci dolls are of excellent quality.


Antique Trader's Doll Makers and Marks: A Guide to Identification


Lenci Doll

Lenci doll c1921

A little girl doll made of felt, she has curly auburn hair and pink flushed cheeks. She is wearing a pink organza dress with a tiered skirt and felt trimmings, a pearl bracelet and necklace and pink shoes. She is in her original box.

Courtesy of the V&A Museum

Lenci Doll Makers Mark

Lenci Doll Makers Mark