Kammer & Reinhardt Makers Mark

Kammer & Reinhardt Makers Mark


Kammer & Reinhardt were German doll makers founded by Ernst Kämmer and Franz Reinhardt in 1885.

Ernst Kammer was a sculptor and Franz Reinhardt was a merchant. Kar Krausser took over the position of designer and sculptor after the death of Ernst Kammer in 1901.

Not long after, Kammer & Reinhardt purchased the Handwerck factory after the death of Heinrich Handwerck.

Kammer & Reinhardt designed dolls heads but Simon & Halbig manufactured them. Kammer & Reinhardt eventually merged with Simon & Halbig prior to 1920.

KPM Berlin Mark

KPM Berlin Makers Mark

KPM Berlin

KPM Berlin aka Royal Porcelain Manufacture Berlin was founded in 1761 by the Merchant, Johann Ernst Gotzowski at the request of Friedrichs the Great. It became one of the leading and best manufacturers in Europe and doll heads were one of the items manufactured between 1840 and 1860.

KPM Meissen Mark

KPM Meissen

KPM Berlin

KPM Meissen aka Royal Porcelain Manufacture Meissen/Saxony was founded in 1710 and was the first European porcelain manufacturer. For a short time they manufactured doll heads.


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Kammer & Reinhardt Doll

Kammer & Reinhardt Doll