Dean's Rag Book Company

Dean's Rag Book Co was founded in 1903 by Mr Henry Samuel Dean as a subsidiary oof the printing and publishing firm of Dean & Son, which had been in business since the eighteenth century.

The Rag Book Co introduced a revolutionary concept in children's books by making them out of cloth. The success of the cloth books led Mr Dean to producing rag dolls on sheets of cloth. They were patented in 1908 and carried Dean's famous trade-mark, designed by Stanley Berkley, of an English terrier and an English bulldog having a tug-of-war with a rag book, along with the slogan 'Wear Ever - Tear Never'. The patent was for a cloth cut-out doll made with six pieces, two for the front, two for the back and two for the feet, which could be painted or printed on calico,linen or other materials. The made-up doll, labelled 'Dean's Rag Knockabout Toy Sheet. Washable and Hygienic.


The Collector's Guide to British Dolls Since 1920


Dean's Rag Book Makers Mark

Dean's Rag Book Makers Mark found on a Betty OxO doll c1930's