Celebrity / Portrait Dolls

Queen Victoria; Portrait Doll

Queen Victoria; Portrait Doll - poured wax shoulder head with stuffed cloth body, blue glass eyes and a brown human hair wig body is supported by leather and wood adapted to form a stand dress front only of white silk, covered with net and metal sequins and beads petticoat of stiffened white cotton with lace trim robe of dark blue velvet lined with stiffened white cotton and trimmed with gold thread, sequins and fur girdle of gold thread blue sash of cotton crown of blue velvet bound with metal strips and decorated with multicoloured beads - Courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Celebrity or Portrait dolls are dolls which have been modelled on actual living people. Celebrity dolls tend to be more modern and based on famous people especially film stars. Portrait dolls are much older and can be models of both unknown individuals or famous people such as royalty. Some of the earliest portrait dolls were made of wax and could be extremely life-like. Some doll makers which are reknown for wax portrait dolls are the Pierotti Family who made a number of known portraits and advertised that they could make an individual portrait for about the same cost as a painting. Modern makers have also made wax dolls of historical figures. The Victoria and Albert museum is home to a particularly attractive doll in the form of Elizabeth I, made in 1977 by Sheila Wallace. Mattel have created many portrait or celebrity dolls including the recent addition of Disney's Princess Elsa from Frozen